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About Truly Confidential

About Us and Counselling / Therapy

For some people, the support that is available through their G.P. and NHS Psychological Services is not suitable. It might be that you don’t want it on your medical records that you had emotional problems or relationship problems. NHS treatment is very limited and few sessions are offered, so it might be that when you complete your course of NHS treatment you feel that some things have been left unresolved. It might be that you want more specialised treatment than is available through your doctor. This is when people turn to private therapy.


Truly Confidential is different from other counselling and therapy services as we do not insist that you provide your personal details and we do not ask you for information about your doctor. This means that you can be confident that the service you receive is private. Unlike other services, we will not breach confidentiality if you tell us about harming yourself, even if you tell us that you intend to end your life, as we believe that it is vital that people are able to be completely honest with their therapist about their thoughts; only that way can you fully explore your feelings and receive the support you need. However we can only do this if we believe that you fully understand and are capable of taking responsibility for your own decisions. We will not be able to work with you if we come to believe that you are not competent to make these decisions. Your therapist will discuss this further with you if it becomes an issue.

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